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Easy to use, Flexible, & Powerful

Everything you need to create compelling courses.

Uzity unique features offer everything you need to foster a learning ecosystem. One platform that enables everyone in your organization to come together as a community to teach, learn, and engage anytime, anywhere.



Offer courses under your own name and brand.

Stay in control and enjoy total ownership of your courses. Showcase your organization to the world and build a closer relationship with your audience and attract hundreds more.

Organization privacy

Choose who may join your organization.

Closed - Visible to everyone. Join on invitation only.

Hidden - Visible only to members. Join on invitation only.

User Management


Efficient user management for increased productivity

Well-defined roles enabling users to focus only on tasks they are required to perform.

Administrator - Manage the organization, its people and courses.

Instructor - Build, teach, and manage courses.

Co-Instructor - Help instructors manage courses.

Learner - Join and participate in courses.

User Groups, for quick course enrollment and easy communication

Group users as they already exist outside Uzity.

Learner Groups - Students studying the same course in an institution or employees on a corporate team.

Instructor Groups Teachers of the same department in a college or university, or teachers of the same grade in a school

Create Engaging Courses


Easy-to-use course editor

Create amazing courses in minutes with your favorite teaching materials - videos, audios, images, text, presentations, and documents.

Keep learners engaged with your course material

Create amazing courses in minutes with your favorite teaching materials - videos, audios, images, text, presentations, and documents.

HD-quality video and audio

Uzity supports unlimited upload of high-definition (HD) video and audio files for the ultimate learning experience.

Powerful equation editor

Build mathematical equations and expressions as easily as you would write them on paper.


Never worry about losing your changes. As you write and edit your course material, the changes you make are automatically saved every minute.

Upload once. Reuse many times

Share and reuse files (audio, video, documents) uploaded to courses across your organization.


Course Management


Course privacy setting that suits everyone’s needs

Open – Anyone can join and learn for free.
Closed – Learners can request to join the course, be enrolled or invited.
Hidden – Visible and accessible only to learners who have been enrolled or invited.

Keep your course organized

Simple hierarchy of Sections & Topics with easy-to-use drag and drop tools to let you organize your content quickly.

Write and edit in real-time

Need to make changes to your live course? Not a problem. Edit courses in real-time and publish changes immediately without interrupting learners.

Version history

Track changes made to your course content and restore past versions at any time.

Work in teams

Invite multiple instructors and build better courses together.

Track learner progress

An at-a-glance view for instructors to see and compare what percentage of their course the learners have completed.

Learner preview

Preview courses to see how content will appear to learners when a course goes live.


Learner Experience

Control how learners navigate your course

Progressive - Learners will complete the course topic-by-topic. Ideal when learners are required to learn all topics of the course and their progress must be tracked.

Collateral - Learners can quickly jump to any topic in the course by clicking the topic titles in the sidebar.

Easy content discovery and consumption

Simpler and more intuitive way for learners to find new and relevant courses.

Course progress

Learners can keep track of their progress in a course at all times, and quickly resume learning from where they left off.

Distraction-free course reader

Uzity’s design facilitates readability and minimizes distractions enabling learners to immerse themselves in the content.

Join the discussion

Learners can collaborate, pose questions, and exchange ideas about course material, assignments, and projects with other learners and instructors.


Communication Management


Email and in-app notifications

Stay on top of what’s going on in your organizations and courses. Whether it’s an invitation to join an organization or a new topic being published, get instant updates.

Keep discussions going even after class

Share, collaborate, and exchange ideas directly on each course topic. Drive engagement by bringing every learner into the conversation.

Communicate to the right people, at the right time

Course announcements  - Instructors can communicate with learners about course activities such as, exam schedules, assignment due dates, changes in course syllabus, and more.

Organization announcements  - Administrators can post notices, reminders, or any other information you wish to share with all members or only specific groups.

In app messaging for effective communication

Facilitates quick communication between learners, instructors and administrators so that they can clarify doubts and collaborate.

Connect & Communicate with the right people

No need of external email or another communication platform. Collaborate and work together right inside Uzity.


Assessment & Quiz Management


Assessment Types

Graded Assessments
Non-graded assessments

Question Types in Assessments

Easily create multiple question types like Short Answer, Descriptive Answer, Multiple Choice questions, Fill in the blanks & File attachment/upload​

​Every Assessment Feature You Will Ever Need​

• Scheduling of Assessment
• Auto Evaluation
• Keyword Highlighting for evaluators
• Negative Scoring
• Grading System and GPA modes of scoring
• Timed and self-paced assessments
• Import and reuse assessment questions

Reports of Assessments

Easy access to detailed learner report, question wise report, course topic wise report.


Native Mobile App

iOS & Andriod app in your organisation to boost your learners productivity

• Hassle free join the courses

• Students can discuss their doubts with educators and other team members 

• Educators can keep real-time track on the student's performances
• Learners can explore the course according to topic wise
• View and attend the assessment 
• and much more


Interested in Uzity?

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